Reflexology Report

This is only for volunteers of the reflexology report.
Volunteers are required to be either Curators, Editors or WP Engineers. Choose wisely, you will be able to change your status.

Reflexologists with limited research background (1- 4 scientific case studies, or 1-2 cohort studies) are invited to become Curators. 
Your responsibilities will be to bring in new and old research papers that include reflexology in them. You will use your scientific background and research experience to evaluate them and submit all the relevant information. Apart from studying each submission you will need to spend 10-20 minutes filling in the form you will find in this page here "Submit your research paper on Reflexology" .  You will need to submit your aforementioned research papers within one month of your enlistment.

2 categories of editors are needed. 
Reflexologists with moderate and great experience in research (5+ scientific case studies, or +3 cohort studies or better), and
Professionals of the health sciences in general that have this moderate or high level of research experience AND work regularly with reflexologists in their practice or in research.
Your responsibilities will be to oversee our efforts, correct our mistakes and submit new and old reflexology research papers as mentioned for Curators.
In time, when the panel of Editors is prestigious and comprehensive enough you may be asked to Approve research papers for publication be the Reflexology Report.

The rules for researchers will be set by our Editors in the Autumn of 2020. We will accept you interest to publish research then. Until then please chose one of the other choices. 

WP Engineers
You need to have good working knowledge of WordPress posting. Only posts will be handled by you (no knowledge of coding, plugins, themes or fine tuning is needed). You will need to set aside 1 specific regular hour a week at least (your choice), and let us know when that hour is. Your understanding and writing of English must be excelent, and you will be required to learn about the Yoast SEO plugin if you do not already know it.
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